Client Challenges Solved

We’ve acquired too many brands. Each one has equity but we can’t support all of them. Which do we keep?

Internally we’ve been at this for four years, can you sell-in the strategy to leadership?

We’re good at following guidelines but how do I get marketers and designers to understand how and where they can flex and be creative?

We’re spinning-off and need a strategy, name, tagline, logo, visual system, messaging platform and launch plan. Have you done this before? Can we get this done in four months?

The team is working really hard but sliding backwards with the client, can you fly out and spend a few weeks with them?

We’re meeting the CSO and head of communications on Tuesday. It’s brand architecture and no one can speak to it, can you fly out to lead the conversation… we need a deck.

We have smart people but they’re not battle-proof, can you help?

We spent nine months building a strategy and leadership ripped it apart. Can you help salvage what’s relevant and build a brand for an off-site in two weeks?

We changed leadership. I’m concerned about clients and talent walking out the door. We need you to onboard the CEO and go into the trenches with staff. Can you fly out with your family for a couple of months?

We’ve built our global brand portfolio over time. If you started with a blank piece of paper, what would it look like? We want to understand the velocity of each of our brands by market.

Brand architecture is really complicated and the client can’t articulate what they want. There is a good chance this will go sideways, do you still want to take it on?

We have so many KPIs to track, which are the most important and what should we invest in?

There’s an emerging, second-tier customer. Can you help us figure out who they are and touchpoints that matter?

My product engineers can’t articulate what makes the product different, what kind of an investment am I looking at?

We’re opening up a second corporate headquarters but based in China. How do we position our brand in a way that makes sense globally and in China?

I’m afraid that a brand from China or Korea will come in and buy a competitor? How much is my competitor’s brand really worth?

We want to open up a China headquarters in Qongching. Is that the right city? What are the risks?

Can you give our global team a briefing on China and what we should focus on?


I engaged Interbrand for a brand strategy engagement at Johnson Controls, Power Solutions and Andrew Martschenko was the Brand Strategy leader for the project- which turned into a multi-year engagement due to Andrew's strong strategic capabilities and partnership across the global business.  

During the more than 4 years in which we worked with Andrew, we successfully created a brand architecture and definition model for the business and individual product brands.  Throughout the process, Andrew thoughtfully challenged our conventional thinking to achieve a better strategic and business outcome. We also initiated and sustained a brand measurement system, which informed our marketing and product strategies.  

Andrew also helped to design and facilitate an operating system to drive data and insight-driven performance and accountability.


You came in for a short stint, but found your feet and stayed 2 years to build a superb strategy team - truly one of the best I have worked with and though most eventually moved onto even greater things, we all remain firm friends to this day.



I worked under Andrew on a global brand positioning project. Andrew was the project’s strategic lead and I witnessed and learned from his:

  • Hands-on approach in crafting quality deliverable after deliverable
  • Effective management of cross-cultural, multidisciplinary teams
  • Desire to always move the brand towards the business goal, with velocity

We have never met, but I know Andrew will add immense value to your team as a consummate brand practitioner and global leader.


Andrew was very helpful as a supervisor and a coach!

He’s good at brand localization and help the brands being global as he understand the market/culture difference and conflict between Asia and America and he can sharply capture the opportunities and translate them into brand strategy.

I learned a lot from Andrew when working with him! 


I worked extensively with Andrew when we were both at Interbrand, and he was an excellent strategic partner. He excelled at developing positioning recommendations, guiding market research analysis, and defining brand elements and tone. He also found ways to further enhance the branding of a product or service. Andrew is smart, sharp, and a very easy guy to get along with and his fantastic instincts made him a great partner. I'm happy I got the chance to work with him and I hope we will again soon.


You have, over the past decade, taught me much not only about yourself, but about myself as well.

A few lessons you have imparted that will linger long after you exit the room.

  • Candor is the antidote to hypocrisy. You have an unwavering persistence to say it as you see it. This is both bold and refreshing. Never lose that piss and vinegar.
  • Loyalty is precious and time honored. You exhibit the strength of character that is most evident in the quality of your bond to those you deem worthy. By contrast, your vigilance to ward off your antagonists is a demonstration of your protectionist bent.
  • Team mates are life mates. You value longevity and you are predictably consistent in your affection and loyalty to those business relationships which are all too often tenuous and fleeting.
  • Family is a sacred credo. First knowing you as a confirmed bachelor and watching you sacrifice that cherished independence is a fascinating study of metamorphous. You have blossomed as a husband and father, and have truly found your calling.
  • Finally I will miss our spontaneous chats, your voice of dissent, your photo library of travel and portraits of happiness and your encyclopedia of fiction, facts and locations… a trove of curiosity that defines your intellect.

Travel well my friend, knowing we love you and hope you attain all that you seek and desire.

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I had the great pleasure of engaging with Andrew at two separate companies while he was at Interbrand. His work with me at Qualcomm made it a no-brainer to seek him out again when I was with GlobalFoundries. 

Andrew is well-versed in brand and all aspects of marketing. He is zero fluff and all substance - rare with marketing consultants. I had no hesitation in having him brief the executive staff, and he is comfortable and highly effective in that setting. 

He speaks with a confidence that projects his deep knowledge - not arrogance. He is highly efficient and persuasive. Andrew is someone I'd work with or hire in a heartbeat.


I worked with Andrew when he was the director of strategy at Interbrand in New York, and then again when he consulted on a project at Interbrand Singapore. In New York, we collaborated on a complex, end-to-end brand transformation project for a network power organization. As the owner of the client relationship, Andrew was quick to develop a trusting and collaborative relationship with the client. As a Senior Consultant on the project, he took the same approach with us, his juniors: I found Andrew to be clear and concise with his well-considered feedback, and always trusted his suggestions would both improve our work and excite the client. He is also just a great guy to be around: Andrew is rigorous and hard-working, yet easy-going and approachable, making work with him a treat.

In addition to his client relationship and management abilities, he is also an incredible mentor. I confided in him back in 2016. I was interested in transferring to a remote Interbrand office, and he provided guidance and honest insight throughout my entire decision making process and, ultimately, my transfer to Singapore, having gone through the same transfer himself a few years before.

Andrew is an exceptional brand strategist, client manager and mentor. I would strongly recommend working with him on any project, across or outside of brand. He has the hard skills to deliver measurable business results, with the great approach and attitude that make him a fantastic colleague.


Incredibly insightful and experienced in understanding complex branding questions and providing clear and actionable plans that clients appreciate. It’s always a learning experience that is a lot of fun in the process.


Andrew's brain is different. He is able to grasp the nature of a client challenge with seeming ease, no matter how complex or the number of moving parts, and quickly articulate it in simple language that his teams can easily act on. His direction is decisive (he's a New Yorker), his insights are impressive, and he's a really great partner. Not sure how his brain works, but it works.


Andrew is a highly-experienced brand strategist who specializes in complex assignments for senior leaders. He has a strong ability to connect brand to business results, and is able to serve as both strategist and brand evangelist. We worked together at Interbrand, for a challenging international client on a tricky assignment, and his attitude was as unfailing positive as his approach was rigorous. He also shares and educates those he works with. 


I have had the personal pleasure of working with you many times over the years. From the balmy days in Singapore, to a very frozen day in Detroit with Nissan and many happy hours in between. You have always been a great member of our Interbrand family, dedicated to your clients, your colleagues, and to great work. I personally want to thank you for always rising to every challenge we have thrown at you, from Singapore to New York, to Shanghai, to Toronto. Always with a smile, and always a pleasure to share a beer with at the end of a hard day.


When I look for a brand/marketing partner, I want someone with the intellectual horsepower to understand my business, the imagination to be unique when needed/tried and true when appropriate, and savvy to understand what actions generate results. That’s Andy. Whip smart, world-wise, a great sense of humor, and an all-around good person makes working with Andy the kind of experience you want to do again and again. 


When you are facing a tough strategic challenge, Andrew is person you'd want at the table. He combines a deep understanding of business and brand strategy with straight talk and solid advice. I had the pleasure of working with Andrew on several projects. I benefited from his deep sector expertise – particularly manufacturing, tech and Asian markets – and appreciated how he tackled complex brand and marketing problems. Andrew wasn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves to get the job done, and he also made it fun. Andrew would be an asset to any team.


Andrew has incredible and diverse experience in brand building. Having personally worked under him on global projects, I’ve been impressed both by his leadership and his care for his team. It is rare to encounter leaders who don’t BS - Andrew is a straight shooter which makes him refreshing for both clients, colleagues and the people he manages.


Andrew brings together a wealth of deep brand knowledge and a keen ability to craft solutions that reduce complexity and actually work. What I've learned the most from working with Andrew is how important it is to understand the real business context around every client and every business problem - not just the theory driving a solution. Andrew's years of multidisciplinary global experience working with clients of all sizes, cultures, categories, and personalities gives him the ability to diagnose, prescribe, and implement brand solutions no matter what the scenario and without any ego. A brilliant straight shooter - the kind you'll learn from and enjoy working with at the same time.


Andrew’s ability to understand the human element is a trait I consider a unique quality in his field. He approaches projects with a static work ethic and keeps people involved in productive and comforting ways.


You have been one of our OneFirm super stars with the time you’ve spent with us in Singapore, NY, Canada and China. We appreciate all you’ve done for us and for the clients you served so well. Please do remember that you will always be an Interbrander at heart.