I was born in Brooklyn and spent the majority of my school age in the Bronx. In addition to living in New York City and Westchester County, I have resided in London, Singapore, Buenos Aires and Boston.

Today with my wife Patti, we are raising our children in Fairfield CT. Our family is involved with Cub Scouts, Roger Sherman Elementary School and the Gaelic American Club.

Our favorite family activity is ARMY football at West Point and our annual pilgrimage to the ARMY NAVY football game in December.


I’m a strong believer in building collaborative teams and long-term relationships. Blending art and science, I am responsible for helping organizations become better understood and experienced – through their brands. 

By developing a clear understanding of clients, their needs and marketplace conditions, strategic solutions have a visible impact that add value to a client’s business. From casinos to digital ecosystems, banks to multi-industrials, aerospace to golf, energy to combines, I have applied my expertise and insights across multiple sectors and geographies.


My career has spanned tenures in Boston, New York, Toronto, Singapore and Shanghi and I continue to play engagement leader, content creator, mentor and strategist roles.