Leadership fatigue: Who do you trust?

Published on June 3, 2020 | LinkedIn

Jonscott Turco and Andrew Martschenko, Deep Learning Labs

Authenticity and trust are so closely tied to consistency and expectations. Trust is built through experiences which require a routine and time to condition human beings. And in an era where decisions are made by a swipe or a voice command, our patience seems to have a very limited lifespan. Layer a pandemic MORE


Health: Sharp Mind and Sound Body for Life

Published on August 23, 2018 | Facebook

A reasonable accomplishment is getting through the day with work and family commitments. After all, trying to keep your head above water is a survival mechanism. Yet over time the physical and psychological wear and tear can be a silent killer. Getting in control and recharging your body and mind will give you greater clarity, perspective and focus.



Battleproof Your Brand: the Fight for Talent Is On

Published on February 9, 2018 | LinkedIn

2017 was a grueling year. But for different reasons 2018 is going to be just as challenging. As technology continues to disrupt most industries, the battle is for both customers and talent.

You can feel the anticipation in a recent Career Builders survey:

  • 44% of employers will be adding fulltime, permanent jobs
  • 51% will be looking for temporary or contact MORE


Research, Design, Content… But What’s The Plan?

Published on December 7, 2017 | LinkedIn

In the midst of constant change the market is fixated with immediate results. Impatience as well as low tolerance for investment risk permeates many organizations. You would expect that every business has developed a solid brand and marketing strategy with the ability to execute against it.

There is no doubt that B2B brands have improved their approach. They have always been sales driven but in the past two decades marketers have MORE…


Stop Exposing Your Most Valuable Assets

Published on September 26, 2017 | LinkedIn

A discussion with James Lee, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer and Director, Waratek

We frequently read about cyber-crime and most can relate to the activity in some shape or form. Most of us have been lucky to have an institution restore our money, remove a charge or replenish our miles or points.

But the numbers are alarming. According to Javelin Strategy & Research, amateur and professional hackers have successfully adapted to net 2 million MORE…


Growth: Disrupting the Play Not To Lose Mindset

Published on September 15, 2017 | LinkedIn

Walk the halls in any corporate, B2B headquarter and you will most likely hear that growth and managing change are key strategic objectives. Probe a little deeper and don’t be surprised to feel employee pushback with the rate of change and the barriers it presents.

Fear is omnipresent. No one wants to risk a client relationship, a contract, revenue stream or their job. And for many this fear translates into risk-averse behaviors. We’re getting smarter and better but also worried that AI and automation will displace human  MORE…


Community Renewal: Getting Closer to Your Customers

Published on August 2, 2017 | LinkedIn

Banks have been a necessary part of our lives. They have been the primary vehicle to deposit paychecks, pay bills, get credit or finance large purchases. While national banks in general are perceived to be toll collectors and losing their relevance, community banks have a unique opportunity to redefine the category MORE…


Breaking the Masterbrand Addiction

Published on June 15, 2017 | LinkedIn

Brand architecture is complicated. Intertwined financial, cultural, and strategic implications are part of the journey. And with human involvement, there is always the possibility that the irrational will take over.

The lack of a common vocabulary enables any deputized strategist to add their own terminology MORE…


Connecting with Customers: Pushing Through Turbulence and Disintermediation

Published on May 12, 2017 | LinkedIn

Given consumer volatility with a strong, anti-establishment sentiment, it’s more important than ever to understand customer motivations. Businesses are under pressure to deliver strong financial performance and forced to do more with less. And with most brands in the marketplace professing  MORE


Sector Review: High-performance Growth in Sports

Published 2016 Best Global Brands | Interbrand

With all of the challenges around growth, the sports sector continues to expand.It’s among the Top Growing Sectors in this year’s Best Global Brands report, rising 10.2 percent in total value from USD $29,881 million to USD $32,919, with adidas (+16%) as the Top Growing Brand in the sector, and Nike (+9%) one of the Top 20 brands MORE…



Sector Review: Driving change with intelligence and precision

Published 2016 Best Global Brands | Interbrand

For brands with diversified businesses, sustained growth is driven by a focus on consistent performance.The ability to stay true to their core, scale, and execute flawlessly has never been more important in a world filled with constant disruption. But to deliver successful growth, the ability to understand the human part of an equation MORE…

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Sector Review: How Consumers are Steering Auto Brands’ Future

Published 2013 Best Global Brands | Interbrand

Automakers are grappling with the mobility needs of tomorrow, changing their strategies according to customer needs worldwide. Consumers want value for money at all price points, with traditional notions of ownership evolving. High- growth markets still value the vehicle as a status symbol with many of these car buyers participating MORE…

Sector Review: Overdue Change

Published 2010 Best Global Brands | Interbrand

The financial crisis had a profound impact across many industries. But in particular the automotive sector had to struggle with a cautious consumer market while addressing significant, longer-term structural challenges.

If one digs deeper into the underlying trends in the automotive sector, the need for change has been long overdue. The rising stature of emerging markets, urbanization, limitations of transportation infrastructures, and an increasing demand for cleaner MORE…